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Ayesha Curry On Why She & Stephen Took Their Daughter Riley, 8, To A Black Lives Matter Protest: We’re Not Sugarcoating Anything

August 1, 2020

by Gregory Molette

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Ayesha Curry On Why She & Stephen Took Their Daughter Riley, 8, To A Black Lives Matter Protest: We’re Not Sugarcoating Anything

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Ayesha Curry said she’s not sugarcoating anything with her daughters when it comes to the racial climate in the world and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In fact, the mother of three and wife to NBA All-Star Stephen Curry recently opened up about taking their oldest child, eight-year-old Riley, to a Black Lives Matter protest.

In an interview, Ayesha Curry, 31 recounted the day she, Stephen Curry, and Riley marched for seven miles during a peaceful protest in LA.

“…With our oldest, we felt like it was time. I mean, even if it wasn’t time, it was time, you know what I mean? And we felt like the best way to explain everything to her was for her to see it and understand it and hear it firsthand. So we brought her with us.”

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Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton showed TF up today. Here are 3 mins of peaceful protestors. I had to step off to the side during our route to record this and share. This isn’t even half of the crowd that showed up. We marched over 6.5 miles. Just incredible. Thank you beautiful people. #wearethecure #blacklivesmatter

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Ayesha Curry continued and said that while Riley is young, she understood the reason her parents were marching.

“She internalized it, and then was able to ask us the questions that she wanted to ask without being fearful of asking them. I feel like that’s been how we see change happening — because the children are our future…if we’re verbally and physically instilling in them the change we wish to see, that’s the best way to get it going.”

Ayesha ended by stating that she refuses to beat around the bush when it comes to telling her daughter about social injustices. She added that they were sure to wear masks amid the spread of COVID-19.

“So not really sugarcoating no matter how young the kids are — not sugarcoating what’s going on, really tackling it head-on, face-first — has been what’s worked for us. And of course, we wore masks! I am petrified. You know, our son has really bad asthma, and it’s been very important to us to make sure we’re masked up…”

Stephen Curry and Ayesha both protested in Oakland last month as well.

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Today was a movement in Oakland! Thank you @juanonjuan10 for the leadership. Everybody play your role and be consistent with it. This is a real moment of change. Keep each other accountable. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains!” #justiceforgeorgefloyd #breonnataylor #blm

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