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Azealia Banks Disturbs Fans After Digging Up Dead Cat & Cooking It On Social Media

January 12, 2021

by Char Patterson

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Azealia Banks Disturbs Fans After Digging Up Dead Cat & Cooking It On Social Media

Azealia Banks is never one to shy away from controversial moments, and this time she has many of her fans concerned and disturbed.

A graphic video of Azealia Banks cooking her dead cat made its rounds on social media Tuesday, Jan. 12th.

In the clip, Azealia Banks is seen digging up her cat before stirring a boiling pot, showing the dead animal’s skull. She captioned it:

“Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear Kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.”

Her name trended on Twitter as dozens of fans reacted.

the cats at the adoption center when they see azealia banks come in pic.twitter.com/7lGbmLDppR

— Boo Union (@sailorsmina) January 12, 2021

Me checking to see why Azealia Banks is trending. pic.twitter.com/lJPw6BjvCp

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) January 12, 2021

this how the cat was chilling before azealia banks put him in da soup pic.twitter.com/qiB52OS1up

— Jazz (@jazz_thekid) January 12, 2021

the mice in azealia banks kitchen watching the cat be made into a soup pic.twitter.com/OS355RjCdV

— rat (@rat_goblin) January 12, 2021

Azealia Banks really dug up her dead cat and cooked it on Instagram Live. pic.twitter.com/VAR5d9x19v

— YERRboi Shredda (@ShreddaSosa) January 12, 2021

azealia dug her cat's aged corpse … and ate it pic.twitter.com/9u8rPFj7Ww

— ? J BLACCHAND ? (@blaccmass) January 12, 2021

Live footage of Azealia after eating her deceased cat pic.twitter.com/z5RYCAEpbP

— Hassan Chammout (@ChammoutHassan) January 12, 2021

Veterinarians Waking Up To Why Azealia Banks Is Trending ?? pic.twitter.com/3BXlpH7Fw0

— Stan Vibes Only ?? (@StanVibes) January 12, 2021

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