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Cardi B Says “I don’t gotta give you or nobody nothing but my kids & my mom” As She Vents On Twitter

May 14, 2022

by Ariel Whitely

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Cardi B

Cardi B Says “I don’t gotta give you or nobody nothing but my kids & my mom” As She Vents On Twitter

Cardi B made a cryptic comment and some fans were not here for it.

Rapper Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almánzar, recently fired off a series of tweets aimed at critics who had something negative to say following a tweet she shared on Friday (May 13). About a month ago, the media mogul deleted her social media accounts after receiving backlash from critics for not attending the 2022 Annual Grammy Awards.

Cardi B, 29, took to Twitter to open up about a situation that appears to have left fans confused. Fans began to mention the rapper following the tweet that read,

“Hate this base.”

From there, social media users began to chime in their thoughts on the mystifying tweet, alleging the tweet was targeted toward her fan base. The “WAP” rapper then called out trolls that accused her of downplaying her fan base. She fired off to a user who responded to her post and wrote,

“Did I say fans or did I say base? See what happens when you on my d*ck and don’t know what’s been talked about… Mind your p*ssy.”

continued, letting her naysayers know that she isn’t the type to back down from online critics. She responded to another user and said,

“You been trying to get my attention for the past 5 days… Go make some friends and stop being a fan page.”

Fans even through claims that the internet celebrity does the “bare minimum” for her fan base, in which Cardi replied she doesn’t owe anyone anything besides her children and mother.

“The bare minimum? I don’t gotta give you or nobody nothing but my kids and my mom. I don’t care bout no fans no cult no nothing. I came in the game wit not 1 fan base but my mouth. You wanted a answer now you have it. All of y’all have it. IDGAF.”

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